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    New name and logo

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Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western Australia


Since its inception in 1984 as Wormall Contracting the company has been recognised for its forward thinking, 'can do' attitude and practical ability to undertake high profile, large and complex civil construction contracts, whilst also meeting client deadlines and most importantly keeping within budget.

The continuing introduction of innovative new products and systems allows Wormall to 'value add' to contracts it undertakes, by utilising new technology for the benefit of its valued clients and its own operations.

With a hard earned reputation of being a civil contractor less likely to file claims for variations, Wormall has further enhanced its credentials by securing ongoing work around the state with higher contract values, whilst delivering successful outcomes.

The company has sought to control its growth without letting growth control it and whilst Wormall Civil is not the largest civil contractor in WA the management feels that they are certainly the most responsive and personable to deal with.

Wormall Civil's primary aim is to work in partnership with its valued clients and stakeholders to provide continual advancement in its employed technology and construction methods for the benefit of the land development, civil infrastructure and mining/resource sectors.

Wormall operates a Quality Management System complying with AS/NZS ISO9001. The company also has in place Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policies and Plans. It is currently in the process of achieving 3rd party accreditation to AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Wormall - keen to price and price keen

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