Civil Engineering Construction Capabilities & Competencies

The company has expanded its construction fleet and increased its professional and field staff levels to enhance its broad range of core capabilities and competencies for the provision of both above ground, below ground and underground services installation for all forms of civil infrastructure.

Wormall Civil has actively sought to bring as many civil infrastructure tasks in-house, such as; wall construction, traffic management, road sweeping, footpath construction etc to lessen its reliability on subcontractors. It also manufactures Water Corporation approved concrete, sewer and drainage products. Our civil construction company thereby achieves greater control of quality and delivery outcomes whilst being more price competitive. 

Wormall Civil has a broad range of capabilities and competencies for the provision of both above ground and below ground civil infrastructure:

Residential/Industrial Subdivisions (LandCorp Tier 1 Contractor) Mining Infrastructure/Camps
Earthworks/Cut to Fill/Imported Fill (LandCorp Tier 1 Contractor) Road/Footpath Construction (Main Roads WA R2 Prequalified)
Sewage (Water Corporation accredited) Drainage (Water Corporation/Local Authorities accredited)
Pump Stations (Water Corporation accredited) Water (Water Corporation accredited)
Stormwater/Sewer Retention Tanks and Systems/Pollutant Traps Gas (ATCO gas accredited)
Culvert/Pipe Installation  Power (Western Power accredited)
Wall Building Communications (Telstra/NBN accredited)
Traffic Management (Main Roads WA accredited) Road Sweeping
Total Project Management Environmental Solutions/Acid Sulphate Soils & Contaminated Water Management

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